College introduction

School of Public Management is a teaching and research institution established by Hohai University, which focuses on public affairs management and other applied social sciences personnel training. The school has five departments of administration, social security, journalism and communication, sociology and land resource management, 15 research institutions including Immigration Research Center, Applied Psychology Research Institute, Political Science Research Institute and Population and Development Research Center. The school has advanced hardware facilities, including liberal arts laboratory, 3S laboratory, psychology laboratory, reference room and academic conference center, which provide good conditions for teaching and research.

The school has 1 mobile postdoctoral research station, 2 second-class discipline doctoral programs, 5 first-class discipline master programs, 3 professional degree master programs, and 4 undergraduate programs, participating in the construction of business management, management science and engineering doctoral programs and postdoctoral stations.

The college has formed a number of characteristic research directions in immigration science and management, sociology, public management and other disciplines, and the research on immigration science has a first-class international level.


Prof. Taozhen Huang

Dean of School of Public Management