Application for Residence Permit

The X1 visa is valid only for 30 days after entry. If you are holding X1 visa ,you  have to apply for residence permit within 30 days from the date of entry. The steps of the application are as follows:

1.      Register your residence with the local police station and fill inRegistration Form of Temporary Residencewithin 24 hours of your entry .

2.     Chinese language studetns should  register in International Office Room 103 and pay for tuition and  insurance.

     Degree students should registration in International School Room 203 and pay for tuition and insurance.

3.      Get Certificate of Physical Examination Verification (necessary for those who are beyond 18 yr. or stay more than 180 days) ,at No.1 Baixia Road, Nanjing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

4.     Get the Residence Permit Certificate from the office.

5.      Take the documents to No.173 Baixia Lu,Entry-Exit Administration Division of Nanjing Public Security Bureau.

Important Notice:

Staying in China with an expired or invalid visa/residence permit is a violation of law. The violator will be fined ( RMB 500 per day), detained for investigation, and/or deported.