Security Statement

Security Statement of International Students at HohaiUniversity

This Security Statement is based on the relevant laws of China and regulations of HohaiUniversity. The rules and regulations in the Statement are meant to protect international students of HohaiUniversity and provide them a better environment for their study and living at Hohai. 

International students should comply with the laws of China and the regulations of HohaiUniversity. They should also respect the social customs and moral standards of China.

International students should go to National Border Entry and Exit Office of Nanjing Police Department for Residence Permit, change of Residence Permit, and extension of Residence Permit.

International students who live off-campus should go to local police station for registration. International students who live in-campus should register with the College of International Education of Hohai University. All the students should be careful with the safety of themselves, their personal property, and other safety issues. The student who does not pay the accommodation fees for two months will be cancelled the qualification of living in the Apartment of International Students.

To prevent fire danger, it is not allowed to use electric appliances of 1000 Watt or more in the Apartment of International Students. Indoor cooking is not allowed. It is illegal to store flammable, explosive, or poisonous materials or goods in the rooms. Please do not put your personal belongings in the corridor.

It is not allowed to damage, dismantle, or change the facilities, equipments, and electric circuits in the Apartment of International Students. Stealing electricity is illegal activity. CSC students, who are found stealing electricity, will be reported to CSC and are subject to cancellation of CSC scholarship. International students who are on Hohai Scholarship, who are found stealing electricity, will be deprived of the scholarship immediately. Students who are found stealing electricity are subject to the penalties of the University.

It is not allowed to use the Apartment of International Students to conduct illegal activities or activities that are against the rules and regulations of the University. It is not allowed to transfer, or sublease the Apartment room to a third party. Other people, including the spouse, Children, parents, relatives, and friends, are not allowed to stay overnight in the Apartment room unless they have the consent of the College of International Education.

Please lock the door and window securely before leaving the Apartment room. Please prevent your door key from the access of others. Please return room key to the receptionist before leaving, and do not ask others to return key for you, deposit of key will be returned to you if all the stuffs in the rooms are in good conditions, otherwise you should pay fees for repair.

Please take good care of your personal property. Do not put large amount of cash in your Apartment room.

Banks are the best places for currency exchange. The Laws of China do not protect currency exchange in other places or with other organizations.

It is not allowed to speak loudly or play loud music or TV in the Apartment of International Students, especially during sleeping time, so as not to disturb others.

Take taxis with formal signs on top. It is dangerous to take “black taxis”.

Please pay attention to safety when you ride a bike. It is not allowed to take a second person on the back seat of a normal bike.

It is not allowed to ride motorbikes on campus. It is illegal to buy or ride motorbikes without a registration plate. Riders of motorbikes should carry a driving license and wear helmets when they ride motorbikes. It is illegal to ride motorbikes after drinking beer, wine, or liquor.

It is not allowed to play fireworks on campus.

It is very dangerous and not suggested to swim in places other than swimming pools. Be fully prepared for safety issues if traveling in places with dangerous conditions.

Gambling, prostitution, scuffling, drug abuse, and drug trafficking are illegal according to Chinese laws and are subject to criminal penalties. 

      International students should abide by relevant Chinese laws governing religious activities. Universities are places for study and related activities therefore HohaiUniversity does not offer places for religious activities.

International students who plan to conduct group activities in the Apartment of International Students should report to and seek consent from the staff of College of International Education before the activity.

Under necessary or emergency circumstances, the staff of College of International Education may enter the individual rooms of students. Prior notice to the particular student should be given if possible.


I hereby confirm that I have read the above statement and will abide by the laws, rules, and regulations stated within.


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