The third international advanced seminar on land acquisition and resettlement management held in our university


From June 23 to 29, 2019, the third international advanced seminar on land acquisition and resettlement management, sponsored by China migration research center of Hehai University and School of Indian Administration (ASCI), organized by China Three Gorges University Corporation and Three Gorges University, was successfully held in Hehai University.  Director of China migration research center of Hehai University Shi Guoqing, and director of land acquisition, resettlement and Reconstruction Research Center of Indian School of administration Professor Reshmy Nai, attended the discussion.

Vice president Xu Weiya entrusted deputy director Chen Hongsheng of the international cooperation office to welcome the experts and participants, and briefly introduced the school history of Hehai University and the achievements in international exchange and cooperation, especially in the field of immigration science. He pointed out that Hohai University actively complies with the development trend of national higher education and actively integrates into the one belt and one road initiative, and constantly increases the internationalization of personnel training. Hohai University and the Indian School of administration have always maintained a good cooperative relationship. This international advanced seminar on land acquisition and resettlement management is the promise of further cooperation between the two sides. It is hoped that the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation and exchange and achieve more fruitful results.

Members of the seminar are middle and senior officials and technical and land acquisition resettlement management personnel from the national hydropower, water conservancy, power, transportation and mining system of India, with a total of 14 people. The seminar lasted for 9 days, mainly discussing land acquisition and resettlement management. Through lectures, case studies and discussions on social security policies, laws, planning, implementation and management, the seminar conducted on-the-spot investigations on Nanjing urban high tech park, new rural construction, Liyang pumped storage power station, Gezhouba project, Three Gorges Project and resettlement.

This seminar is the third substantive cooperation based on the memorandum of cooperation signed by Hohai University and Indian School of administration. The holding of the seminar helped strengthen exchanges and cooperation between governments, enterprises and academic institutions in China and India, expanded the participation and influence of Hohai University in the one area initiative activities, enhanced the international academic influence and reputation of Hohai University, and will make further contributions to the sustainable development of the international community in scientific research, consultation and training.