Plastic pipe equipment
PE, PVC single wall corrugated pipe production line

through gear transmission module, template string water cooling, product air cooling, so that the production of corrugated pipe molding speed, uniform shape, consistent seam, inner and outer wall smooth, especially suitable for high-grade car wiring harness. Single wall corrugated pipe mainly uses PVC, PP and PE as raw materials to produce small diameter single wall corrugated pipe. The pipe is widely used in prestressed plain casing, wire and cable threading sleeve, air conditioner drainage pipe, washing machine suction and drainage pipe, vacuum cleaner pipe, ventilation pipe and so on. The corrugated pipe products with smooth inside and outside and uniform ripple are formed by the corresponding mold. This product is a new product developed by our R & D personnel. It has excellent performance, fast production speed and beautiful appearance. The single wall corrugated pipe production line can continuously produce PE, PP, EVA, PVC bellows and PA bellows. Plastic single wall corrugated pipe has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength and good flexibility. It is widely used in automobile wiring harness, electrical wiring, machine tool line, lamp line, water pipe of air conditioner and washing machine.