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PVC resin spiral tube is a transparent non-toxic hose, which is referred to as "reinforced pipe" in the industry. The reason why the tube is called cowhide tube is that it is soft in texture, bright in color, good in toughness and elastic in nature.
The working temperature of reinforced pipe is between - 5 ℃ below zero and 65 ℃ above zero.
Main characteristics of reinforced concrete pipe
1: The PVC reinforced pipe is light in weight, and the PVC skeleton part (reinforcement material) and soft material part are all transparent, and the medium inside the pipe is clear at a glance when used in agriculture and industry.
2: The superior low temperature resistance of PVC reinforced pipe is incomparable to any other pipe material.
3: Weather resistance is good, not affected by any season in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
4: The bending radius is small and flexible (the bending radius of 4-inch pipe is 40cm).
5: It has good resistance to negative pressure and has no shrinkage, fracture and delamination.
6: because the material is rich in anti-aging and anti ultraviolet irradiation raw materials, the aging resistance of PVC beef tube is far more than that of spiral tube, and its service life is several times that of PVC spiral pipe.
Main uses of reinforced pipe
1: PVC spiral pipe is a toxic product. The reinforced pipe is not only non-toxic, but also can be used in catering industry, alcohol industry, in addition, it can transport acid and alkali medium.
2: It is an ideal pipe material for pumping and transporting water, sewage, mud and oil powder in industry, agriculture and engineering.
Specification of reinforced pipe
There are inner diameters of 15 mm (4 in), 20 mm (6 in) 25 mm (1 in), 32 mm (1.2 in), 38 mm (1.5 in), 50 mm (2 in), 64 mm (2.5 in), 75 mm (3 in), 100 mm (4 in), 125 mm (5 in), 150 mm (6 in), 175 mm (7 in), 200 mm (8 in).