Plastic sheet equipment
PC, PMMA, PS, MS board production line

1. Light transmittance: good light transmittance and aging resistance;
2. Weather resistance: surface UV co-extrusion treatment, not damaged by ultraviolet rays;
3. Impact resistance: The impact resistance strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass;
4. Flame retardancy: The national GB8624-97 test belongs to the flame retardant B1 level, no fire drop, no poisonous gas;
5. Temperature resistance: PC board does not affect the quality of the board in the range of -40℃ to +120℃, and its physical properties are stable;
6. Portability: light weight, easy to handle and install, can be directly cold bent, and has good hot forming performance;
7. Sound insulation: With good sound insulation, it is the preferred material for noise barriers such as highways at home and abroad.

Application scope:
1. Corridors and pavilions in gardens, playgrounds, exotic decorations and leisure places;
2. The lighting part and awning of the construction industry;
3. Aviation, container inner partitions, motorcycle windshields, airplanes, automobiles, boats and military police shields;
4. Telephone booths, bus shelters, advertising road signs, plastic light boxes, crystal characters, exhibitions and sculptures, etc.;
5. Hot-formed parts for instrumentation, military industry, etc.;
6. It is suitable for high-end decorative materials such as indoor doors, windows, and screen partitions;
7. Suitable for noise barriers in noisy environments;
8. Used for agricultural breeding and sparse greenhouses;
9. Large and small factories, warehouses, markets and flower houses and other fields. Processing range: thickness 0.6-15mm, width within 2500