Plastic profile equipment
PVC stone plastic profile production line

PVC lmitation marblesheet is a new type decorating material, which consists of PVC sheet anddecorating film by the process ofheat transfer to form the composited stoneplastic sheet. Composited PVC lmitation marble sheet has multiple layer includes UV coating layer color layer stone plastic layer and basic layer compared with real stone sheet. whatever wear-resistance. Stain-resistance or dimension distortion resistance, PVC imitation marble materials has the slgnif1cant advantages。

Stone plastic floor, PVC stone plastic lines, high-tech research and development of new decorative materials, using natural stone powder as the main raw material to form a solid base with high density and high fiber network structure. The surface is covered with high polymer special PVC resin, which is molded by plastic extruder and processed by water transfer or surface treatment.

Using conical twin-screw extruder, the stone plastic products have vivid and beautiful lines, super wear resistance, bright surface but not slippery, environmental protection, non-toxic, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, anti-skid, waterproof, fireproof, etc. There are two kinds of structures: homogeneous penetrating structure and composite structure。

Main raw materials: PVC resin, natural stone powder, extrusion molding with additives. Molding method: using domestic advanced extrusion equipment, heating extrusion, one-time overall molding. The appearance is treated with four layers. The first layer is the exterior decor, which adopts the hot stamping transfer printing technology. The appearance pattern and color will never fall off. The second layer is the primer protection layer, the third layer is the anti-skid layer, and the fourth layer is the wear-resistant layer.

PVC lmitation marble sheet extrusion line consists of screw loader mixing unit, conical twin screw extruder T-die mold, Three-roll calender cooling frametrimming set, hauling device, automatic cuter stacking section UV coating device etc.