Plastic profile equipment
PVC panel production line

PVC plastic panel equipment

The production line is composed of conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum setting table, traction machine, cutting and laminating machine, tilting chair, etc.
The main engine has the characteristics of uniform plasticization, small shear rate, high yield and long service life.
he special increasing eddy current cooling system is adopted for vacuum shaping, which is convenient for cooling and shaping.
The tractor works smoothly, the product surface has no indentation, good reliability and large traction force to meet the needs of high-speed extrusion.
The moving speed of the cutting machine keeps synchronous with the traction speed, all the movements are designed reasonably, the operation is stable, and the cutting length can be fixed automatically.
After changing the screw and die, the foaming profile can be directly extruded, and the effect is better than that of single screw.
According to different molds, the setting table can be 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, 11 meters and other specifications, equipped with parallel twin-screw host, especially suitable for high-speed extrusion of profiles.
The production line produces various specifications of PVC gusset plate, foot line, laminating small material, decorative line, raceway, gusset plate, skirting line, pressure strip, door and window profile, decorative profile, etc.

It is widely used in industry, automobile, ship, train, house and other indoor and outdoor decoration.