Plastic profile equipment
PVC internal and external corner / angle bead production line

The angle bead production line produced by our company has stable quality and advanced technology. Angle bead net is used for protecting the corners of products, protecting articles, cartons and wooden cases from damage and damage caused by external extrusion. There are two kinds of modern packaging, plastic and paper, which are plastic corner guards and paper corner guards. These two products are now widely used in logistics transportation of various industries. Decoration corner guards are specially designed for the construction of "external and internal corners" in decoration engineering, usually with punching holes, so they are also known as "punching strips". This product has been widely used in the construction of indoor and outdoor wall corners in the international decoration market. With the help of corner protection construction, it can not only ensure the straight and beautiful lines of the corner, but also effectively enhance the firmness of the corner and play the role of anti-collision.

The angle net is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. The expanded wings of the angle guard net can be firmly combined with the plaster to form straight edges on the edges and corners of the plastering project to resist cracking or cracking, and to protect and reinforce the most vulnerable part of the plaster. The net wing can be firmly anchored into the full depth of the plastering on either side of the edge line. The angle protection steel mesh is very important for the plaster decoration, because the mortar corner is most likely to be damaged in the construction and completion of the building, forming a smooth, straight and simple corner, while protecting the corner to prevent fragmentation, and because of its easy construction, it can save a lot of time. For impact and damage in buildings, can be made according to customer requirements