Plastic profile equipment
PVC wave roof tile production line

This machine is composed of main machine, two auxiliary machines, flat die shaping traction cutting device, stacking device, etc. Advantages: adopting clothes rack type flat machine head, equipped with pneumatic opening and closing setting die, making the forming more reliable; the thickness adjustment of wave tile is extremely convenient; the rubber traction roller with the same wave shape as the plastic tile is used to make the traction particularly stable; the inclined edge automatic cutting makes the incision smoother, and the cutting can be automatically cut according to the required length. It is a new environmental protection, strong sound insulation, durable, waterproof, transparent, energy-saving engineering materials with excellent comprehensive performance. It is widely used for daylighting, highway sound insulation, plant insulation and indoor separation of residential buildings, commercial buildings and public facilities. It is one of the most ideal environmental protection and energy-saving light shed materials in the world, and a new generation of products widely praised and praised by modern decoration and industry circles. The conventional colors of this product are transparent, lake blue, grass green, milky white, brown, etc.; the conventional width is 1.22m, 1.56m, 1.82M, 2.1m, and the conventional length is 30m. Color, length and width can be customized.