Plastic auxiliary machine
Single screw extruder

This series of high performance single screw extruder has the following characteristics:
1. Low screw speed and high yield per turn achieve low speed and high efficiency.
2. For the first time, a single screw extruder realized that the screw speed was directly proportional to the extruder output, and metering extrusion could be realized without a neutral feeding system.
3. The motor power is fully utilized, achieving output of 4.5-5.0kg per kw of motor power.
4. Double separation thread plus efficient mixing section can ensure complete plasticization of materials and even mixing of color masterbatch.
6. Digital control, PLC programming control and PCC industrial tablet PC remote control are adopted to meet the needs of different users.
High efficiency extrusion low temperature melting uniform melting, good plasticizing effect unique straight or spiral slotted feeding sleeve with cooling system and unique screw design ensure the raw materials low temperature plasticizing, high speed extrusion.Widely used in plastic pipe extrusion and plastic sheet extrusion and other industrial fields.