Types of common s-mats and equipment required for S-type mats

At present, there are two kinds of s-mats commonly used in the market, one is hollow and the other is through the bottom. The application modes of the two kinds of floor mats are different, which are generally as follows:
1、 10mm (thickness adjustable) thick s-pad hydrophobic anti-skid floor mat
It is suitable for scraping and anti-skid at the entrance of office building and commercial building, anti-skid and anti-skid in factory workshop and commercial kitchen, anti-skid and anti-skid in wet environment. It is suitable for doormats at high flow entrance of hotels, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, banks, airports, docks, etc.
2、 5mm (thickness adjustable) floor air drain anti slip floor mat
S-shaped hollow anti-skid floor mat is suitable for industrial environment walkway, public place entrance, aisle, hotel, bathroom, swimming pool and other areas that need drainage, anti-skid, decontamination and oil resistance. At the same time, in the work area, this type of walkway mat is often used for anti fatigue floor mat.
The two types of floor mats use different equipment, the first S-type floor mat equipment, need to add a negative machine, so the mechanical design is more troublesome, the price will be higher. Please consult me for details