New PVC doormat production equipment

PVC door mat production equipment, also known as door mat production equipment
It is mainly used for the production of PVC door mats. The door mat production line of our company adopts advanced technology to produce two pieces of products at one time, which improves the production efficiency and is a good choice for you to produce door mats. The following is a brief introduction to the signature methods of several doormats:
First of all, a good mat should be able to achieve its functions, such as storing dirt, scraping sand and absorbing water. This is the basic standard to measure the quality of the mat. Secondly, good floor mats should be easy to maintain, do not need to spend too much manpower and material resources, but also should be durable and environmentally friendly, the design and color can keep beautiful for a long time. If meet the above several, should be said to be qualified floor mat. When consumers choose and buy, they may as well go to several stores to compare the differences in materials. In addition, it is also important to strengthen the daily cleaning and maintenance to make the floor mat durable.
1. If the doormat is selected, its sand scraping function can be tested. The specific method is: the feet step on the sand or dirt after walking on the mat, and then step on the white paper. Then observe whether there is residual dirt on the white paper. If there is residual, it means that the floor mat has poor decontamination function. This test can be repeated several times to prove the effect of the mat after continuous use. If you choose a mat that emphasizes the effect of water absorption, you can wet your hands, press on the mat, and then see whether there is water residue on your hands. If there is no residue, the water absorption is good.
2. Floor mats belong to household textiles. For its safety and health, the most authoritative international monitoring standard is "Oeko tex Standard 100" international ecological certification. Passing this certification means that it is harmless to human body, and its brand and products are awarded the title of "confidence textiles". Similar to this, China has "China Environmental Protection carpet" inspection. At the time of purchase, such inspection marks can be found on the package, if any, its safety and health performance is guaranteed.
3. The most direct method is to touch the surface of the mat by hand to see whether it has hair loss, color difference, and whether there is a pungent smell with the nose. Floor mats with good quality, especially those made of synthetic materials, should be odorless.
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