Analysis on the development status of China's machinery industry

During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's machinery industry has continued the good momentum of comprehensive and high-speed development in the 10th Five Year Plan period. The industry scale, industrial structure, product level and international competitiveness have been greatly improved.
1、 Industrial scale leaps to the first place in the world
During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the industrial scale of machinery industry continued to grow rapidly. In 2010, the added value of machinery industry accounted for more than 9% of national GDP; the total industrial output value increased from 4 trillion yuan in 2005 to 14 trillion yuan in 2010, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%, and its proportion in the national industry increased from 16.6% to 20.3%; The number of Enterprises above designated size has reached more than 100000, nearly 50000 more than that at the end of the 10th five year plan, the number of employees has reached 17.52 million, and the total assets have reached 10.4 trillion yuan, double that of the end of the 10th five year plan. In 2009, China's machinery industry sales reached 1.5 trillion US dollars, surpassing Japan's 1.2 trillion US dollars and the United States' 1 trillion US dollars, leaping to the world's first and becoming the world's largest machine manufacturing country.
2、 Equipment support capability has been significantly enhanced
Since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", driven by the rapid growth of demand, the level of China's mechanical products has made great progress. The domestic market share of mechanical products has increased from 80% in 2005 to more than 85% in 2010. Great breakthroughs have been made in the autonomy of major technical equipment, and the support ability of various industries in the national economy has been significantly enhanced.
Power equipment: it can basically meet the domestic demand, and its technical level and product output have entered the forefront of the world. It has been able to mass produce 600000 and 1 million kilowatt supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power generating units; the maximum single unit capacity of hydropower equipment has been upgraded from 300000 kW to 700000 kW, and the unit efficiency has reached the world advanced level; It has the ability to independently produce million kilowatt class second-generation improved pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant complete equipment, the complete set of manufacturing technology of the third generation nuclear power plant equipment is under development, and has achieved significant phased results; the MW class wind turbine has achieved mass production, the 5MW offshore wind turbine has been successfully developed, and China has entered the ranks of the world's wind power equipment production countries; The 1000kV UHV AC transmission and transformation equipment and ± 800kV DC transmission complete set equipment have been successfully developed, and the comprehensive independent rate has reached more than 90% and 60% respectively. China has become the first country in the world to put UHV transmission and transformation equipment into industrial operation.
In terms of metallurgical mining equipment, it can independently provide complete sets of equipment with an annual output of 10 million tons for iron and steel enterprises, 20 million tons for open-pit mines, 600-700 thousand tons for metal mines, 6 million tons for underground coal mines, 4 million tons for coal preparation plants, 3 million tons for mineral processing plants and 4000-10000 tons for clinker dry process cement plants.
In terms of Petrochemical General equipment, the 300000 t / a ammonia plant has been localized; the key "three machines" (cracking gas compressor, propylene compressor and ethylene compressor) and multi stream low-temperature cold box required for a million ton ethylene plant have been successfully developed; the 60000 m3 / h large-scale air separation plant has been localized and exported, and 85000 m3 / time-space separation equipment is being developed; Oil rigs have been upgraded from 9000 meters to 12000 meters, reaching the world's leading level, and are expanding from land rigs to offshore rigs.
Automobile industry: in 2010, China's automobile production and sales reached 18.26 million and 18.06 million respectively, ranking first in the world. At present, the proportion of sales of self owned brand passenger cars has increased to 46%, of which the proportion of sales of self owned brand cars accounts for 31%.
Large construction machinery: 2000 tons of crawler crane, 500 tons of all terrain crane, 72 meters boom concrete delivery pump truck, 11.22 meters diameter slurry balance shield machine and other large construction machinery have been developed.
Agricultural machinery: in addition to a few high-end products still need to be imported, domestic agricultural machinery has basically met the needs of domestic agriculture. 180 horsepower large tractor has been developed successfully, wheat combine has been popularized and began to develop to large feeding quantity model. 3-4 rows corn combine harvester is supplied to the market in batch. Rice planting and harvesting machinery technology is basically mature. 4-row semi feeding rice combine is successfully developed. Rape, forage and sugarcane harvesting machinery, water-saving irrigation, straw returning and compound operation machines are also developed Significant progress has also been made.
In terms of machine tools: large, precision and high-speed CNC machine tools and their supporting CNC systems and functional components have made rapid progress. The self-sufficiency rate of CNC machine tools has reached 60%. We have developed five axis linkage gantry machining machine tool, five axis linkage blade machining center, five axis floor type CNC boring and milling machine, seven axis linkage heavy vertical turning and milling composite machine tool, ultra precision machining machine tool and flexible system Manufacturing system and large-scale automatic stamping production line; the reliability of self-developed CNC system is significantly improved, and the average time between failures reaches 20000 hours.
For large castings and Forgings: the domestic market satisfaction rate of high and medium pressure rotors of 300 000 kW and 600 MW thermal power units has been increased to about 60%, the domestic market satisfaction rate of low-pressure rotors has been increased to 45%, and the domestic market satisfaction rate of generator shafts has been increased to 30%. We have mastered the rotor manufacturing technology of ultra supercritical thermal power units and realized mass production; A complete set of large forgings for the third generation nuclear power equipment with a capacity of 1 million kilowatts has been successfully developed, and breakthroughs have been made in the technical research of representative key forgings such as pressure shell, evaporator and main pipe.
3、 Some progress has been made in structural adjustment
In terms of capital structure, diversification has been realized and the endogenous development vitality of the industry is becoming stronger and stronger. Large state-owned enterprises continue to play a major role in the development and production of major technical equipment